Virtual Antarctica


Virtual Antarctica is a simple virtual tour of Mawson Station Antarctica. Mawson Station is one of 3 Australian Antarctic Stations located on the Antarctic Continent.


To view the tour, you must have Java™ enabled in your browser. The best screen resolution is 800 x 600 pixels or higher.

The tour consists of a series of 'nodes'. Each node contains a scrollable panorama which has 'hotspots' indicated by the white boxes. After the panorama is loaded, use your mouse to click on the panorama and scroll left and right to spin around. Scan left or right with the mouse or the arrow keys.

Place your mouse over a hotspot so that the white box becomes solid then click to move to the new 'node'. You can toggle the hotspots on and off by pressing the 'space' button.

The 'LIST' link at the top right of the screen displays a list of all the currently available panoramas.