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Sounds from around Mawson

About these sounds

This page contains a collection of sounds which can be heard around Mawson.

The sounds are compressed in a format called MP3, or MPEG. You will need a program on your computer that can play these files. If you do not have a program to play these sounds you can download a program for your computer from these suggested sites :

Linux mpg123
Win95/98/NT WinAmp (preferred) or RealPlayer
Macintosh Quicktime 4 , SoundJam or RealPlayer

NOTE TO MAC USERS : You may need Quicktime 4 or another MP3 player. The Quicktime 3 browser plugin does not seem to work correctly.

Once you have the player program installed click on the underlined filenames below ending with "mp3".

Seal sounds


Underwater Sounds

These seal sounds are a sample of calls that Weddell Seals make during the breeding season in Antarctica. The exact meaning of these calls is still unknown as they are all performed underwater and it is not currently possible to match a call to what the seal is doing.

The sounds are recorded using a mono hydrophone and a DAT tape recorder. The "crackling" sound in the background is the sound of the sea ice breaking and cracking.

call1.mp3 80k/13s

Long high pitch followed by a fall in frequency.
Note : The first part of this call may not be heard if you are using the Realplayer G2.)

call2.mp3 42k/6s A chirp descending in frequency and period
call3.mp3 35k/6s A slowly descending tone
call4.mp3 34k/6s A descending chirp. Listen for the quiet echo at the end.

Yawns and gasps for breath

These sounds were recorded near Weddell Seals as they rested near a hole in the sea ice, or as the seal was in the hole breathing through it's nostrils.

Click on the picture to download the MP3 format sound.

Weddell Seal Yawn

A Weddell Seal Yawn. (36k/4s)
Nick Mortimer

Weddel Seal breathing
This is the sound of a Weddell seal breathing as it holds it's nostrils just above the water in a hole in the seal ice. (55k/7s) Nick Mortimer

Penguin sounds

There are two main types of Penguins near Mawson. Emperor and Adelie Penguins and they make quite different sounding calls.

Click on the picture to download the MP3 format sound.

Emperor Chick

Emperor Penguins at Auster Rookery. The chicks sound is the short high pitch call while the adults are the deeper and longer sounding call. (48k/12s)
Nick Mortimer

Adelie Squabble Adelie Penguin Squabble. This is the sound of an Adelie Penguin squabble at the rookery on Bechervaise Island. (79k/9s)
Nick Mortimer
Emperor Penguin sneeze An emperor Penguin sneeze. This is the sound that an Emperor penguin makes when it sneezes. Recorded at Auster Rookery by KBN. (58k/3s).