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East Bay & the Melt Bell (part 1 of 3)
Friday 5th Nov 99

Hello everybody..

Yesterday I went down into the Melt Bell which is a chamber under the ice where we get all out fresh water.

The plumbers sink a "bell" into a hole in the ground and pump warm water into the bell then suck out the melting water. This creates a fairly big cavern under the snow up at the rear of the station.

I went down into an oldest melt bell (not being used).The roof was lined with HUGE water crystals about the size of a 50c piece. The ice was solid and I could see about a metre through it. I have attached a picture of the entrance to the cavern with the quad in the background, and me underground Note the foam pieces in the ceiling.

The entrance to the Melt Bell Cavern

I also took some photos of the crystals hanging from the roof


In the meantime I have been helping Nick (on the right) and Gary (left)
renovate the Aeronomy building.

Email continues in part 2